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Project Academy’s 7-Step Preparation Cycle

A carefully designed HSC preparation structure of 7 major components
  • 1. Configure your Project iPad

    Your Project Academy iPad will give you access to our library of Project iBooks for your enrolled courses. Your weekly academic performance will be automatically reported to your iPad in the form of of interactive graphs.

  • 2. Attend your Class

    Your weekly class covers all theory for that week, including detailed practice questions. The class runs for 2.5 to 3 hours, and is heavily focused on maximising your ability to conquer HSC-style exam questions.

  • 3. Review your iBook Material

    Project’s iBooks are digital textbooks based on the state syllabus and written by the highest ATAR achievers and state rankers of the past 8 years. The strategic formula behind each iBook is designed to guide your understanding of each topic with respect to the HSC’s specific style of content examination. These resource writers also make up most of Project Academy’s teacher base and they will guide you through this material in class.

  • 4. Fill out your Academy Workbook

    At the start of each class, each students is given a printed Academy Workbook. These Workbooks are designed in conjunction with the iBooks to guide you through the process of building your own perfect set of notes as each class progresses. Each Workbook that is added to your collection makes up a single building block in your set of preparation material for when your school assessments come around.

  • 5. Complete the Week’s Homework

    At the end of every class you’ll be given your Project Homework Set. Each Homework Set is divided into a series of sections. The first section ensures that you have mastered the topic’s fundamentals, and it progresses to the final section which throws you into a set of HSC-style exam questions.

  • 6. Receive your Reports

    Your reports will be available to you as a series of interactive graphs on your iPad. Student names are kept anonymous on the graphs, but you will get to see exactly how you rank for each individual homework set and examination you sit at Project. This is especially useful when you go through Project’s HSC Trial Examination Program where you sit 13 HSC Trial Exams written by Project.

  • 7. Attend your Tutorial

    When your Homework Set is marked by Project every week, Project’s digital ecosystem tracks every question that you did not get full marks for. You are then expected to re-attempt those questions with the help of our tutors in your weekly tutorial until you get full marks.

Preparing for Assessments

Project Academy’s philosophy regarding assessment preparation falls into two components.

1. Master the Content

The set of Academy Workbooks that our students fill out in class every week form the core of a perfect set of notes. The Homework Sets that our students complete every week include Exam-Style questions to ensure that our students are thoroughly prepared to sit any examination on any covered topic at any point in time during the term. As the exam date approaches, our students are encouraged to book as many additional tutorials as required to cover any gaps in their knowledge and ensure they know how to get full marks in every topic. Project Academy does not charge for these additional tutorials – they are free.


2. Practice, Practice, Practice

The most common trait amongst the highest ATAR achievers in the state is a thorough and rigorous commitment to completing past papers and practice examinations before a real exam. Every student at Project Academy, regardless of which subject they are enrolled in, is given access to Academy Library – the largest examinations database in NSW with a collection of over 1000 past papers from James Ruse High, Baulkham Hills High, Hornsby Girls’ High and all other leading schools across the state, for half yearly exams, yearly exams and trial HSC exams in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Economics. Academy Library is available as an app on your Project iPads so you have access to all papers anywhere anytime. Solutions for most exams are also included.

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Project Academy isn’t just a tutoring company.
Our students don’t come to Project just for the classes.
They come to study and prepare for their HSC,
From morning till night,
Every single day that they get the chance.
It represents the greatest support any HSC student could imagine.

That’s how we produce the results that we do.

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