We're not just a tutoring company. Our students don’t come to Project just for the classes. They come to study and prepare for their HSC, from morning till night, every single day that they get the chance. It represents the greatest support any HSC student could imagine. This is how we produce the results that we do. This is Project Academy.

This is

Project Academy

a class

above the rest

Weekly classes designed to teach you new content ahead of school, using methods tested over 10 years of tutoring experience.

Each Year 12 class is 3 hours.

Each Year 11 class is 2.5 hours.

Each Year 10 class is 1.5 hours.


Book into as many tutorials as you need every week to get help on individual questions, both from Project work and school work. A typical week involves at least one tutorial, but can ramp up to many more especially during school exam times.

Each tutorial is 1.5 hours.



Each HSC course includes 45 hours of HSC Examinations. We call them 'LEAP Exams', and each has been written in forecast of what we believe the 2018 HSC will look like. Students benefit from a huge boost in confidence by going through these exams and increasing their marks through practice.

to your personal best

Our Exam Program

For each week of the year, we've written a short digital textbook covering all the details you need to know. Structured. Concise. Beautiful. And written by the highest academic performers in the state from the past 10 years.

A perfect set of notes.

Project Resources

One of the most important elements of your preparation for an upcoming exam is doing past papers. With access to 2,000+ past papers including solutions, and a team of tutors you can book tutorials with at any time, the fortnight leading up to an exam at Project Academy is a powerhouse of productivity.

Practice, practice, practice.

2000+ Past Papers with Solutions

When you love your work, you become very good at it, and an important part of this is the environment you work in. We've designed every room to energise and inspire you, and with tutors regularly hosting late night study sessions from 8pm to 11pm our study spaces are open for work day and night 7 days a week.

Comfort meets focus.

Our Study Spaces


Year 12

Monday 5pm

Wednesday 4:30pm

Thursday 4:30pm

Friday 4:30pm

Saturday 1pm

Sunday 9am



Year 11

Tuesday 4:30pm

Wednesday 4:30pm

Saturday 9am


Sunday 9am

Year 10

Saturday 4:30pm


3U, Econ

2U, Chem




3U, Chem

Econ, Phys

Phys, 2U or 3U

2U or 3U

3U Accel.




Maths 4U, 3U, 2U, Chem, Phys, Econ

Our courses are made up of classes, tutorials and exams. Class timeslots are limited and classes with seats left are listed below. Tutorials on the other hand are more flexible - there are more than 40 to choose from and we can discuss tutorial availability when you attend your first class.

Year 10 classes are 1.5 hours.

Year 11 classes are 2.5 hours.

Year 12 classes are 3 hours.

Tutorials are 1.5 hours each.


Our HSC courses are $34/hour, Year 11 courses are $33/hour and Year 10 courses are $27/hour. Full termly course fees are outlined below. All Project students also require an iPad to access course materials in class and at home, as well as to monitor their progress with their tutor. We provide one for $4/week on top of our course fees.

Year 12


One Course

Two Courses

Three Courses

4U, 3U, 2U, Chem, Phys, Econ

$1,490 for a 10-week Term

$400 Discount on yearly fees

$800 Discount on yearly fees

Year 11


One Course

Two Courses

Three Courses

2U/3U, Chem, Phys, 3U Accel

$1,290 for a 10-week Term

$1,690 for 3U Accelerated

$300 Discount on yearly fees

$600 Discount on yearly fees

Year 10



$790 for a 10-week Term

try project




IMPORTANT: How the Trial Works

Our three week trial is a safety period. The reason this safety period exists is to give new students the opportunity to safely try Project without being bound to pay course fees until we have actually proven ourselves to be worth your time! If a new student feels that Project is not of value to them, then we believe that they should be able to walk away, no strings attached. If the student finds that Project is of value to them, then they can enrol and we take their very first class as their Start Date. In other words, you only have to pay for those first three weeks if you choose to continue your enrolment beyond three weeks. And yes, you are absolutely welcome to trial as many subjects as you wish to get a taste of it all.

We know messaging is easier and faster than calling, so we've setup a Project iPhone to help you call or message us.

The Project Team will be available:

Monday to Friday 

4pm to 8pm

Saturday & Sunday

1pm to 4:30pm

You can also email us at

Project Academy is located on

Level 1, 29 Anderson Street, Chatswood

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Build the best you, at Project Academy.