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Academy Strategies



Your Shining Light.

With your career goal, we will develop a map with unparalleled accuracy.  




How much do I need to study? How exactly do I get into my course? What do I need to do to achieve my ATAR goal? Our years of experience have shaped our proprietary algorithm which enables us to translate your large, often daunting goals, into a series of achievable weekly tasks. Academy Strategies is a simple and elegant solution to the burning questions on every HSC student's mind. 






HSC Tutoring

Academy Classes

Interactive. Informative.

Classroom environments built from the ground up to engage and stimulate the minds of our students. It makes it hard not to learn.

Our team of high achievers and professionals have come together to formulate the perfect way to deliver content to our students. The result? Academy Notes. Academy Notes has been created to be interactive and engaging. And to make it easier, our Academy Teachers deliver the content in an easy to understand and engaging classroom environment. 

HSC Tutoring

Academy Tutorials

Personalised Attention.

For every topic of every syllabus, we sit with you until every question is right. Question by question. Week after week.

We understand the need for you to have someone to sit down with and address difficulties you may be facing. We also understand the need to consider the week’s successes and failures in order to refine and perfect knowledge and technique. Tutorials provide the perfect, synergistic environment for these processes to occur. 

HSC Tutoring

Academy Collaborate

Any Question. Any Time.

Shouldn't a true HSC Preparation Service provide teaching and support wherever you may be? We are proud to say we do.

Academy Collaborate enables our students and teachers to stay in constant contact through their own Academy iPads. Send any media – from text to video – to our dedicated team and have that niggling question answered. Do all your friends have the same issue? No problem. Tag them all. The sky is the limit with Collaborate.   

HSC Tutoring

Academy Timeline

State of the Art.

Organisation is the key to success. 

How better to stay organised than with Timeline - tailored for the HSC student.

Do you have a topic test coming up? An exam in two months? Or maybe just want to finish studying a certain topic by next week. Academy Timeline enables you to take your milestones and break them down into a series of deliverables to attain your goal. Your personalised Timeline will be available on your Academy iPad at every moment, every day. Organisation just got a whole lot easier. 

HSC Tutoring

Academy Reports

It's All in the Details. 

Gauge your performance at the molecular level.

Having once been students ourselves, we understand the need to know. To know exactly what you got right and what you got wrong. Exactly how you performed compared to the cohort. Exactly how to improve. Our response was to design and build the most powerful educational reporting engine in the country to assist our teachers analyse your performance and eliminate your weaknesses one at a time.

HSC Tutoring

Academy Examinations

Practice makes Perfect.

The tried and tested recipe for success.

What is the best way to overcome those butterflies you feel when sitting exams? Make sure you sit so many that your final exams feel repetitive! At Project Academy, our students will sit periodic exams to ensure that they are accustomed to, and are able to manage, the stressors of exam environments and build that crucial exam technique. And for our HSC students, our LEAP Program ensures that the HSC feels like just another day at the office. Confidence through practice.

HSC Tutoring

Academy Library

Everything You Need.

And more.

As part of our commitment to our students, we have sought out to build the biggest exam database in NSW. Our students will have access to hundreds of exams in each discipline. If the multitude of questions at Project Academy are not enough, we can assure you that you will never run out. How do we describe our database in one word? Massive.