Performing to your full potential through your senior years requires a formidable combination of thorough conceptual understanding, consistent practice and aggressive confidence in exam preparation. An important early step in this journey is building a solid foundation at the very start of your senior years. Project Booster is an accelerated crash course designed to cover Year 11 topics and concepts to provide a powerful advantage over your peers for your first Year 11 school assessment.

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Summer Courses for Year 11

Introduction to Differentiation, Applications of Differentiation and Probability.

One of the main pillars of Mathematics during Y11 and 12 for 2U, 3U and even 4U, is Differentiation and Integration. While these concepts are relatively simple to understand at face value, building an intuitive grasp of it when applied over a wide range of contexts is not only challenging, but can have widespread application regardless of which industry your future career takes - engineering, biology, medicine, economics and even computer science.

Kinematics: Motion of objects travelling in a straight line, Vector and Scalar quantities and graphical representation and analysis. 

Dynamics: Study of motion with the consideration of forces and masses. This lesson will focus on Newton’s laws of motion and applications to a variety of everyday situations. 

Waves: Properties of waves and wave motion. This lesson will have a strong focus on practical investigations, building on fundamental physics skills.

Thermodynamics: Associated laws of thermodynamics - the study of heat transfers leading to chemical and physical changes - including enthalpy and entropy.

Matter: The structure of matter at the atomic level and applying this knowledge to predict the chemical and physical properties of elements and compounds.

Moles: The concept of Moles which form the basis of calculations in Chemistry. This skill will be developed through a range of situations including calculations involving ideal gases.

Maths 4U, 3U, 2U, Chem, Phys, Econ



2U & 3U



2U & 3U(F)


Week 1, Week of Jan 15

Mon to Wed, 2pm to 5pm

Fri to Sun, 9am to 12pm

2pm to 5pm

Week 2, Week of Jan 22

Mon to Wed, 9am to 12pm

2pm to 5pm

Fri to Sun, 9am to 12pm

Each course is 9h spread across 3 days. For example, if you'd like to attend the Maths course, you can choose Week 1 Friday to Sunday OR Week 2 Monday to Wednesday.

Maths 2U & 3U: $360

Chemistry: $360

Physics: $360



Please check that your mobile number is correct. Closer to the class date we will be checking in with you via SMS to make sure you'll be attending. If we can't reach you, we may have to give your seat to another student.

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