Project Careers

Project Academy’s world is rapidly growing, and so must our team of super geniuses. The search has begun across the state for the brightest intellects and personalities to be a part of one of the most innovative educational teams in the country.

Welcome to the future of education.
Welcome to Project Academy.



At Project Academy, our greatest passion lies in the results we deliver. We have designed an educational model that combines the learning environments we experience in classrooms, tutorials and examinations with a digital structure that automates all reporting, provides students access to the largest exam database in the state and establishes channels of communication between staff and students inside and outside our classrooms. We have equipped each and every student, teacher and manager at Project Academy with an Academy iPad and the toys we build on our devices are what make us the most powerful HSC preparation package in the state.

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At the heart of Project Academy is education, but the adrenaline that pumps through our veins is innovation. There are three great things about every tutor and teacher on Team Academy.

One – A thirst for knowledge and a passion to teach.

Two – A personality so toxically bright it just might inspire a classroom.

Three – A creative soul that constantly searches for the next big thing that Project Academy could build.

Be part of our vision. Be part of our future.



When you come on board Project Academy, not only do you become part of our academic arm, but you also become a part of The Project Group as a whole. If you have a great, innovative idea that you feel could be transformed into a successful business, The Project Group will fund it, provide accounting services, legal support, strategic guidance, marketing support and project management while you design and build the business as its CEO. To find out more, ask about “Project Projects” when you come in for your interview.