With Assessment 1 of the HSC complete for most schools, many students have now identified gaps in their preparation that caused them to perform either slightly lower or significantly lower than their full potential. For students aiming to achieve ATARS of 98+/99+, under-performing even by as little as a few percent can shake ranks aggressively. Achieving your full potential is a function of perfecting your foundation, a highly disciplined, consistent approach of staying ahead of the syllabus and practice, practice, practice. Project Academy's Immunity Summer Course is a revision program designed to cover the first term of HSC material at a level of detail thorough enough to build a foundation that will greatly improve your performance in all upcoming assessment tasks including Trials.

For students who have not sat Assessment 1 yet, Project Immunity's coverage will be direct preparation for your very first HSC assessment.

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Summer Courses for Year 12

4U: Mathematical Induction and Strong Induction, Introduction to Integral Calculus, Integration by Parts, and the Number 'e'

3U Classic: Further Trigonometry, Circle Geometry and Math Induction.

3U Advanced: All of 3U Classic + Permutations & Combinations. Designed for strong students who prefer a faster pace.

2U: Probability, Integration Basics, Integration - Area and Volumes, Integration - Approximations & Harder Questions

Chemistry: Revision of Production of Materials with a focus on complex problem solving. The first two syllabus dot points on Acidic Environment.

Physics: Revision of Space with a focus on complex problem solving, The Motor Effect and its Real World Applications, and a discussion of Michael Faraday’s discovery of Electromagnetic Induction that laid the foundation to all the world’s electricity.

Economics: We will recap The Global Economy (Topic 1) and preview Australia’s Place in the Global Economy (Topic 2) to give you a head start going into Term 1, 2018. Additionally, during the HSC course it is vitally important to be abreast of domestic and global economic conditions. During Summer Course we will touch on the major ongoing trends and equip you with the skills needed to analyse contemporary information through a HSC Economics lens.

Globalisation, Free Trade and Protection, International Organisation, Balance of Payments, Current Domestic and Global Economic Conditions.

Maths 4U, 3U, 2U, Chem, Phys, Econ



4U, 2U


Chem(F), 3U Adv(F)

4U(F), 2U(F)

Chem(F), 3U Classic(F)


Econ(F), Phys(F), 3U Adv

Week 1, Week of Jan 15

Mon to Wed, 9am to 12pm

2pm to 5pm

Fri to Sun, 9am to 12pm

2pm to 5pm

Week 2, Week of Jan 22

Mon to Wed, 9am to 12pm

2pm to 5pm

Fri to Sun, 9am to 12pm

2pm to 5pm

Each course is 9h spread across 3 days. For example, if you'd like to attend the Economics course, you can choose Week 1 Monday to Wednesday OR Week 2 Friday to Sunday.

Maths 4U: $360

Maths 3U Classic: $360

Maths 3U Advanced: $360

Chemistry: $360

Physics: $360

Economics: $360



Please check that your mobile number is correct. Closer to the class date we will be checking in with you via SMS to make sure you'll be attending. If we can't reach you, we may have to give your seat to another student.

We know messaging is easier and faster than calling, so we've setup a Project iPhone to help you call or message us.

The Project Team will be available:

Monday to Friday 

4pm to 8pm

Saturday & Sunday

1pm to 4:30pm

You can also email us at

Project Academy is located on

Level 1, 29 Anderson Street, Chatswood

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