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Accelerated learning is a powerful strategy. It’s nothing new - every year students all across the state enrol in programs to master concepts much earlier than school’s teaching of them, especially in Mathematics. At Project Academy, all of our courses are accelerated to some extent, but we also wanted to design a Year 11 program that would cover 2 years worth of content in a single year. 

Year 11 and 12 Mathematics includes 2U, 3U and 4U. At school the 2U and 3U courses span both Year 11 and Year 12, while 4U is covered only in Year 12. With our Year 11 Maths Accelerated Program, we cover all of 2U (both Year 11 & 12) and all of 3U (both Year 11 & 12) - four courses altogether - in 9 months, from January to September. It’s incredibly intense, and there were two incredibly important things we wanted to achieve with this course.

Firstly, we wanted it to be accessible to everyone - so we teach everything from scratch - no prior knowledge required. We start from the very beginning with each Mathematical concept, and that allows us to make sure that your foundation is solid, your understanding is detailed, and the breadth of our teaching is thorough - nothing is missed.

Secondly, we wanted to provide the appropriate support to help students get through it. We get through content very quickly, but we also give a large amount of homework that we mark every week to make sure that everyone has a great understanding of it. We have unlimited tutorials to work with you on your marked homework afterwards, and we run extra holiday tutorials to catch you up when you fall behind. However, you need to have the commitment and the time management skills to be able to diligently work through the large amount of homework each week, including the significant amount of holiday work.

I’m here to work closely with you through every challenge of this course this year, but I’ll be demanding your utmost commitment to the work and hope to nurture with you a true passion for the subject itself. 

Really excited to meet all of you in the year ahead!

Year 11 Course

Mich Chiu

maths accelerated

Mechatronic Engineering with Honours, USYD

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