Project Academy’s 99.95 Accelerated Maths Program is an intensive 10 month course designed to maximise a student’s Maths ability to the level required to achieve an ATAR of 99.95. It covers Maths 2U and Maths Ext 1, both Preliminary and HSC content, by September. The course has been written by Project Teachers who completed Maths Ext 1 without dropping a single mark in their HSC year to achieve a perfect score. The course is designed to guide you to do the same. Note that this course is extremely intensive and your performance will be evaluated periodically by Project Academy to check that you are keeping up.



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Discounts apply to your yearly course fees.

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Enrol by May 1st and pay full course fees upfront.

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Across 3 terms for each additional subject that you enrol in.

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