We're Hiring NSW's Most Kick-Ass HSC Tutors

Working at Project Academy

Join a rockstar team of passionate teachers, teach in Sydney's most exciting learning spaces, and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of high school students each year!

Our Dedication To Our Students

Our mantra at Project to provide the greatest level of support imaginable to every student. We want to transform a students' relationship with their studies into something wonderful, and help them perform at a higher level than they ever thought possible. This means designing incredible lessons, teaching passionately, writing detailed resources, and even mentoring them beyond the classroom.

Our Commitment to Our Team

Work should be inspiring and exciting every day. At Project, we've designed every role, from teaching to operations, to provide immense growth opportunities and the ability to make a real difference on people's lives - every, single day. On top of that, you'll join a loving, dedicated and supportive family that has your back every step of the way.

The Project Academy Family

We dedicate ourselves to nurturing our team. We're here to provide you with opportunities to learn, grow and make a difference at Project Academy and in your future careers. We attract some of NSW's most talented minds - future scientists, scholars, entrepreneurs, business leaders and beyond. You'll join this family of passionate and inspiring people who'll will be pushing the world forward. Of course, you'll also join basketball / soccer competitions, regular team dinners, monthly social activities, and unlimited snacks on campus!

Bryan Tang

Former Head of Chemistry

Masters of Chemical Engineering, MIT
Bachelor of Science, UNSW

Nathan Teoh

Former Head of Maths

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), UNSW Quantitative Trader, IMC

Annie Wang

Former Maths Teacher

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws, USYD
Investment Banking Analyst, JP Morgan

Divya Ramesh

Former Physics Teacher

Bachelor of Engineering (Co-op Scholar), UNSW
Software Engineer, Atlassian

Who We're Looking For

We're looking for those passionate about inspiring the next generation. We're looking for the most inspiring, passionate and dedicated 99+ ATAR achievers, state rankers, and/or university graduates.

Subject Tutors

Tutors are primarily responsible for answering any questions students may have about their coursework. Tutors lead 1-to-4 'tutorial' sessions that are available to students daily.

Subject Teachers

Teachers are primarily responsible for designing and delivering course content in classes. They are the backbone of Project Academy's programs.

Resourcing Experts

Resourcing experts are primarily responsible for assisting in course design, preparing class materials and ensuring Project Academy's materials are the best in the state.

Open Positions

English Adv.
  • English Teacher (Y12)

  • English Tutor (Y12)

  • Physics Teacher (Y11 & 12)

  • Physics Tutor (Y11 & 12)

  • Chemistry Teacher (Y11 & 12)

  • Chemistry Tutor (Y11 & 12)

  • Maths Ext. 2 Teacher (Y12)

  • Maths Ext. 2 Tutor (Y12)

  • Maths Ext. 1 Teacher (Y11 & 12)

  • Maths Ext. 1 Tutor (Y11 & 12)

  • Maths Adv. Teacher (Y11 & 12)

  • Economics Teacher (Y11 & 12)

  • Economics Tutor (Y11 & 12)

  • Operations Manager

Application Form

We hope to see you on campus!

Working Hours

Working hours at Project are flexible and depends on your availability. We can discuss your preferred working hours during your interview.


Your estimated ATAR is 99.00+, and have a predicted Band 6 mark for the subject you're applying for. You must also have working rights in Australia.

How To Apply

Please note that our current hiring round has closed. You are welcome to fill out the form below as an expression of interest. If we require more team members in 2022, we'll get in contact with you. Please email us at jobs@projectacademy.nsw.edu.au if you have any questions.