Year 12 HSC English Advanced Tutoring

We cover the HSC English syllabus and your prescribed texts at a level of depth and rigour unmatched across NSW. Along the way, we will hone your ability to write 20/20 essays and creatives, and help you develop consistently exemplar exam technique. This comprehensive English course is designed to maximise your chances of attaining an upper Band 6 in English Advanced.

Our Approach to HSC English Tutoring

Each week, our students sit a 3 hour masterclass and receive in-depth notes, weekly workbooks and access to unlimited essay and creative writing feedback to help them attain an upper Band 6 in HSC English Advanced.

1. Text-Specific Weekly Classes

Every week, you'll join a 3 hour masterclass personalised to your text at school. Classes are tailored to your needs, and are led by a HSC English state-ranker, 1st in English at a particular school, or experienced English tutor.

2. Unlimited Essay Marking

Getting detailed marking and feedback is critical to learning aceing HSC Advanced English. You'll receive unlimited support with your English essays until they consistently score 20/20. We'll provide highly-detailed marking - whether it's 20 or 200 times over a year.

3. World-Class English Resources

You'll receive access to an unmatched library of resources on your iPad. Want to understand what exactly it takes to state-rank HSC English Advanced? Our resource bank consists of detailed notes, quotation banks, past papers, textbooks, and state-rank calibre HSC essays.

Meet the Leading HSC English Tutors in NSW

Ranging from HSC State Rankers, to leading educators and passionate teachers, our English tutors are hand picked based on academic performance, teaching prowess and dedication to students.

Freya Osterberg
99.55 ATAR

B. Laws & Comm
All-Rounder at Hornsby Girls
1st in English Adv. (96)
1st in English Ext. 1
1st in English Ext. 2
1st in Economics

Marko Beocanin
99.95 ATAR

B. Adv. Sc. & Comp Sci
Dux of Normanhurst Boys
8th in NSW for English Adv.
1st in English Adv. (98) 
1st in English Ext. 1
1st in English Ext. 2

Hannah Jamal
99.30 ATAR

B.Law & PPE
All-Rounder at North Syd. Girls
3rd in English Adv. (96)
1st in English Ext. 1

Isuru Wanasinghe

B.Eng (1st Class Hons)
All-Rounder at Norman. Boys
12 Years Teaching Experience
1st in English Ext 2. (50)

World-Class Year 12 English Resources

Project Academy provides you with everything you need for success in Year 12 English Advanced. NSW’s best HSC English Advanced tutors, incredible resources and unlimited support is just the beginning.

400+ Pages of Comprehensive Notes

You will receive indepth notes for every text of study in the Common Module, Module A and Module B. For Module C, you'll receive detailed notes on each of the four text types (creative, discursive, persuasive, informative).

20/20 Essay & Creative Writing Exemplars

Access dozens of 20/20 essays and creative pieces. Learn and be inspired from the best performing essays and creative writing pieces in the HSC. Access them all on your iPad.

Personalised Essay Marking & Feedback (Unlimited Support)

Receive unlimited feedback on your essay until you're consistently attaining 20/20 for every essay submission.

In-Depth Rubric Analysis

We've designed in-depth rubric analysis for all four English Advanced rubrics (Common Module, Module A, Module B, Module C)


100+ English Past Papers and Question Bank

Access over 100+ past papers for HSC English on your Project iPad. Access over 1000+ HSC past papers across any other subjects you take at school.


Course Structure

Our English Advanced program is designed by NSW's leading HSC English tutors to help you learn what it takes to achieve a mark of 95+ in the HSC English Advanced course.

Monday 4:30pm
Module A: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
Killara High, Sydney Grammar, SHORE, Normanhurst Boys
Wednesday 4:30pm
Module B: Good Night, and Good Luck
Chatswood High, Covenant Christian
Sunday 1:00pm
Module B: King Henry IV, Part 1
North Sydney Girls, Normanhurst Boys, Killara High, Manly Selective, St Ives, Sydney Grammar, Willoughby Girls, James Ruse, SHORE, Sydney Boys, St George Girls
Sunday 4:30pm
Module A: Keats and Campion
North Sydney Girls, Abbotsleigh, Baulkham Hills, St Ives

Module Overview
Unseen Texts
Common Module
Essay Writing & Adaptation
Practice Paper 1
Module Overview 2


Module A (Lessons 1 - 5)
Essay Writing & Adaptation
Practice Module A Essay
Review Essay
Module Overview 3
Module B (Lesson 1)


Module B (Lessons 2 - 4)
Essay Writing & Adaptation
Practice Paper
Module C (Lessons 1 - 3)


Module C (Lesson 4)
Module C Revision
Advanced Exam Technique
LEAP Exams (6 Weeks)
LEAP Review (6 Weeks)

* Course schedules may be adapted to suit your schedule and are also subject to change.

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  • Unlimited detailed essay marking and feedback

  • Daily live support from tutors till 11pm

  • A Project Academy iPad, with all custom made apps and resources

*Weekly rate is $149. $50 hourly rate is the effective rate you enjoy if you attend one 3 hour class and have one essay review every week.

At $1490 per
10-week term

Early bird and yearly enrolment discounts available

Additional iPad
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3 Week Trial

Leave anytime and pay nothing if we don’t match your standards in the first 3 weeks.

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Unlimited Q&A and learning sessions until you understand everything, at no extra cost.

No Extra Charges

We will never charge you if you need anything extra – from extra classes to printing, to food!

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does English Advanced scale compared to English Standard and Extension 1?

The process of scaling is NESA’s way of moderating and standardising your HSC exam mark, and your school’s assessment mark.

Scaling accounts for how difficult and popular different subjects are, and also helps adjust for differences in the way schools tend to mark internally (typically a 100 at a selective school is much harder to get than a 100 at a non-selective school).

Though the degree of scaling changes every year, based on past results,  English Advanced scales MUCH better than English Standard, but not as well as Extension 1.

English is generally one of those subjects that “scales down”, when compared with the ‘harder subjects’ like Mathematics Extension 2, or Economics. English Standard will scale down quite a bit, and even if you’re in the 90th percentile, your marks may not scale to over 60 (almost no chance of band 6). In comparison, English Advanced scales down a fraction of this amount, and your chances of hitting a band 6 are much higher, and would require a lot less work. Being in the top 30% in English Advanced, puts you in the same position as being in the top 1% of English Standard.

English Extension 1 and 2 are notably more unpredictable with scaling, but tend to have minimal scaling applied to them (up or down by a few marks) and your chances of hitting a high band 6 will generally reflect how well you did in school, rather than be left up to chance from scaling.

How should I study for HSC English Advanced?

The first step to studying English is to actually read through your texts, noting any interesting scenes, characters and quotes to come back to later.

While reading the text, make sure to develop a strong understanding of its context as well. Research the world in which it was composed, the literary era and genre it adheres to, the composer’s personal inspirations, and any critical perspectives surrounding it.

Once you finish reading, divide the text’s main ideas into a few “key theme” subheadings. Then, categorise those key scenes, characters, quotes and contextual details you found earlier under each of those themes. It helps to do this in creative ways that visualise the interconnectedness of different ideas – feel free to use diagrams, colour, flowcharts etc.

Now that you have an organised understanding of the text as a whole, go through your key scenes again (and perhaps the whole text) and analyse them on a technical level. Find as many literary devices and techniques as possible, and link them to your themes/arguments.

At this point, you’ll be ready to write your essay. Pick a theme for each paragraph, and populate your essay structure with the best bits of the analysis you just made. Send it to others for feedback and adjust it accordingly, and you’ll have a solid essay in no time!

How do I prepare for HSC English Advanced exams?

A great first step is to build a strong scaffold or essay plan that broadly summarises all your main arguments, themes, context, quotes and analysis. It helps to stay organised with your notes and submissions throughout the year, so that you can easily find the best possible content for this scaffold when the HSC arrives.

Avoid simply memorising and perfecting a single piece at this stage, and instead focus on developing an understanding of your texts. Particularly in the new syllabus, keeping things loose and conceptual will help you adapt your work to a wide range of questions.

You can develop this understanding by doing as many timed practice exams as you can. It’s important to pick a range of questions – especially ones you’re unfamiliar with – so you can practice adjusting your arguments on the spot. A solid goal is two or three practice exams each week before your HSC.

It’s also vital to get feedback on your work from as many people as possible, so that you can adjust it for maximum clarity and sophistication.

When the exam comes, make sure to prioritise remaining as relaxed as possible so that you’re in the right frame of mind for even the trickiest questions.

How does Project Academy’s English Advanced unlimited essay marking work?

If you join Project’s English course, you can submit as many essays or creative pieces as you like to our staff! This could be 2 over the course of a year, or 2 each week. You submit it, we mark it.

The tutors will go through your work and write detailed feedback in accordance with both HSC marking criteria and our own marking criteria (which we have developed to best reflect the requirements for a 20/20 essay/creative/discursive/etc.).

Once you receive your feedback, and make any changes to your work, you’re free to re-submit it for marking again!

How does Project Academy’s English LEAP program work?

Project’s LEAP program is run once the English course is complete. Each week you will complete either a Paper 1 or a Paper 2 under timed exam conditions. We write these papers ourselves to best reflect the kind of skills you will need, and the type of questions that may be asked in the actual HSC. These papers will be marked by our tutors, and you will receive detailed feedback to go over in your own time, in preparation for the next week’s paper.

The LEAP exams will have questions for ALL prescribed texts (not just the ones we cover in our course) so all students, from all schools are welcome to join the LEAP program, and benefit from the detailed feedback, and extremely useful exam practice.

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