Get Ahead in 2021

Accelerate ahead of school with NSW's most effective HSC preparation program this school holidays.

PROCON Holiday Course 2021

If you're in Year 11 or Year 12, you can get a flying head start to Term 1 of 2021 with our PROCON holiday courses. In a single day, you'll cover the most important topics of Term 1 and learn from some of NSW's best and most caring teachers.

How is PROCON structured?

9:00 - 12PM: Class (Pt 1)In the first session of PROCON, you will dive straight into the most important sections of the Term 1 syllabus. You'll build a strong understanding of each topic and practice many exam-style questions together.

12:00 - 12:30PM: Break
Lunch break! Breaks are important to reset and recharge. Just like any normal day at Project, we'll provide you free healthy snacks in our kitchen. However, we still recommend bringing your own lunch or buying food around Chatswood.

12:30 - 3:00PM: Class (Pt 2)In the second half of PROCON, you will continue covering the most important topics covered in Term 1. To conclude, your teachers, who achieved in the top 1% of NSW, will share their best strategies, techniques and hacks to tackle the year ahead.

NSW's Most Effective Holiday Program

The Most Incredible Teachers

The tribe of tutors and mentors that will guide you from Year 9 to the HSC and beyond. They really care and are here to support you every step of the way.

Cory Aitchison
99.95 ATAR

B.Sc (Physics & Econometrics)
Dux of Knox Grammar
6th in NSW
for Economics
12th in NSW for Chemistry
1st in Physics

Sean Wibisono
99.95 ATAR

B.Comm (Actuarial)
Dux of North Sydney Boys
1st in Physics
9th in Chemistry
9th in English Adv.

Laura Hardy
99.80 ATAR

B.Law & Commerce
Dux of Turramurra High
3rd in NSW for 3U Maths
1st in Chemistry
1st in Physics

Haowen Gao
99.85 ATAR

B.Adv. Comp. & B.Sc
All-Rounder at Knox Grammar
8th in NSW
for 4U Maths
2nd in NSW for SDD
3rd in Chemistry

Catriona Shen
99.75 ATAR

Doctor of Medicine (MD) 
All-Rounder at Baulkham Hills
98 in 3U Maths
97 in Legal Studies
96 in English Advanced

Xerxes Lopes
99.65 ATAR

B.Sc (Personal Medicine)
All-Rounder at Normanhurst
97 in Chemistry
97 in Economics
100 in 2U Maths

Ben Tran
99.40 ATAR

B.Sc (Adv.)
All-Rounder North Syd. Boys 16th in NSW for 2U Maths
6th in Physics

Marlon Randeniya
99.40 ATAR

Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Head of Chemistry
6 Years Experience

Cameron Ning
99.00 ATAR

B.Comm (Finance & Actl.)
All-Rounder at Normanhurst
5th in 3U Maths
8th in 4U Maths
8th in Physics

Jono Vandenberg
Economics Head

B.Economics (Hons.)
All-Rounder North Syd. Boys
6 Years Experience
Author of HSC Economist

Eliza Chew
99.35 ATAR

B.Data Science
All-Rounder at SCEGGS
1st in 3U Maths
2nd in 4U Maths
3rd in Physics

Freya Osterberg
99.55 ATAR

B.Laws & Commerce
All-Rounder at Hornsby Girls
1st in English Advanced
1st in English Ext 1 & 2
1st in Economics

Marko Beocanin
99.95 ATAR

B.Adv Sc & B.Eng (Hons)
Dux of Normanhurst Boys
8th in NSW for English Adv.
1st in English Ext 1 & 2
1st in Chemistry (98)

Rishabh Jain
99.80 ATAR

B.Eng (Hons) & B.Sc
All-Rounder at Baulkham Hills
5th in Economics
7th in Physics
7th in Chemistry

Ryan Shi
99.95 ATAR

B.Comm (Actuarial)
Dux of North Sydney Boys
7th in NSW for 3U Maths
1st in Chemistry
4th in 4U Maths

Mrinaank Sinha
99.75 ATAR

B.Mech Eng. & B. CS
Dux of Chatswood High
1st in NSW for SDD
1st in 4U & 3U Maths
1st in Physics

Shirin Shaban
99.30 ATAR

Doctor of Medicine (MD) 
All-Rounder at Hornsby Girls
1st in 2U Maths
7th in Chemistry

Patrick Kwon
99.15 ATAR

B.Comm (Co-op)
All-Rounder at Normanhurst
2nd in Economics
2nd in Business Studies

Harrison Chong
99.50 ATAR

B.Comm (Adv.)
Dux of Chatswood High
1st in 3U Maths
1st in 2U Maths
1st in Chemistry

Anna Pahlman
99.25 ATAR

Doctor of Medicine (MD) 
All-Rounder at Chatswood
2nd in Physics
2nd in Chemistry

Saf Basha

B.Maths & B.Finance (Intl.)
Over 12 Years Experience
3U Maths Head
HSC Maths Specialist

Edward Medlock
Physics Head

B.Sc (Advanced Maths)
All-Rounder at SHORE
4 Years Experience

Pahul Singh
Y9 Maths Head

B.Comm (Finance) & B.Law
Graduate of Baulkham Hills
98 in 3U Maths
98 in 2U Maths

Our Results

Band 6 Chemistry
Achieve a 95+ ATAR
State Ranks in 2020 alone
Highest Marks Achieved:
in Extension 2 Maths
in Extension 1 Maths
in Advanced Maths
in Economics
in Chemistry
in Physics
Support: 0451 196 697

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Chatswood NSW 2067